Take Advantage of Savings and Flexibility

Navigating healthcare benefits and wellness perks can be tricky. Often the details are quite specific and involve websites or pamphlets than need to be studied to know what’s available to you. Flex Spending is one area that is often asked about, but under-utilized. It’s a great of an opportunity to save on necessary healthcare services...
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Health Insurance vs. Vision Insurance

Insurance benefits and healthcare coverage can be very confusing. The language isn’t always clear, and sometimes you need to speak with a benefits specialist or human resources representative through your employer just to navigate what is covered and what isn’t. In general, there are a few things you should know about vision insurance vs. health...
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FAQ: Vision Therapy for Your Family

Vision therapy is often misunderstood. It has been misrepresented as some people have taken ideas about how vision works, coupled with real medical concepts, and tried to make their own vision “cures” while calling them “vision therapy.” Vision therapy is no one cure, and not even one treatment, but instead is a non-surgical, customized program...
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